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SOLID CUBE WITHOUT HOLES with cylindrical shape.

  • It weighs approximately from 40grs or 60 grs (You can get either of two sizes)
  • The 40grs. is served specially in hostelry, cafeterias, restaurants, terraces, shops, hotels, gas stations.The 60grs version is indicated for night bars, drink bars and discos.
  • Our cubes are manufactured with water treated thru INVERTED OSMOSIS.
  • 40grs solid cube is transparent. It´s the most used since it adapts perfectly in all sectors and to all types of vessels.
    Strongly used in restaurants, hostelry, food stores, gas stations and catering.
  • 60 gr transparent solid cube solid is mostly in discos and cocktail bars since with this cube offers a considerable saving of alcohol.

CRUSHED ICE. We offer three kinds, all perfect to suit any sort of cocktel bar.

  • Ice Pill is a mini transparent cube having a shape of a small balls.
  • Crushed ice nugget is a mini transparent cube having a shape of  small squares.
  • Choppped crushed ice is a transparent ice crushed perfectly by hand.

ICE ON SCALES. It´s a special ice for cooling oftenly used in the fish sector

GOLD BALL ICE.  Used specially in PR events.

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